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 ===== How It Happened ===== ===== How It Happened =====
-=== Second Negation ===+==== Second Negation ​====
-=== by Sam Friedman ===+==== by Sam Friedman ​====
-== 1. Notes on the Day after the Revolution ==+=== 1. Notes on the Day after the Revolution ​===
 As crowds partied loudly on glass-glittered sidewalks\\ ​ As crowds partied loudly on glass-glittered sidewalks\\ ​
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 with friends in Santos and Granada, Bangkok and Kampala,​\\ ​ with friends in Santos and Granada, Bangkok and Kampala,​\\ ​
 Melbourne, Tacoma, Portland, and Detroit. Melbourne, Tacoma, Portland, and Detroit.
 +=== 2. E-mail from an 8 year old I received yesterday, December 2, 2117 ===
 +Dear Sam,
 +All the kids in my class admire\\ ​
 +your poems of revolution,​\\ ​
 +your verse on how bruised feelings\\ ​
 +and hunger\\ ​
 +came to snap and cohere.
 +But none of us can quite comprehend\\ ​
 +the silly times you lived in.
 +Why were all the TV shows\\ ​
 +about cops and lawyers?​\\ ​
 +Weren’t more people killed by corporations\\ ​
 +than by murderers?​\\ ​
 +And just how were they different,​\\ ​
 +any how?​\\ ​
 +and didn’t shop stewards and community organizers\\ ​
 +have more guts than any old cop?​\\ ​
 +more sense than lawyers?
 +And all those shows about love and sex?​\\ ​
 +Why would men want women so inane?​\\ ​
 +And why were all their lines so trite?
 +And work—we don’t understand work at all!\\ ​
 +Why did any one work\\ ​
 +at such hateful jobs?​\\ ​
 +If engineers were so smart,​\\ ​
 +why did they design factories\\ ​
 +that poisoned all the whales? \\ 
 +Whales were so cute!\\ ​
 +Why did they make it\\ 
 +so we could never meet one?
 +Why would any one become a soldier?​\\ ​
 +When ordered to shoot their enemies,​\\ ​
 +why didn’t soldiers obey\\ ​
 +and shoot their officers?
 +When the owners paid boys more than girls,​\\ ​
 +or whites more than blacks,​\\ ​
 +or old-timers more than new hires,​\\ ​
 +why didn’t the workers\\ ​
 +or Neighborhood Action Centers\\ ​
 +take over their workplaces\\ ​
 +that very same day?
 +Did kids after school\\ ​
 +play “Design a better air de-polluter”\\ ​
 +or “Spin the Bottle”\\ ​
 +at their Neighborhood Action Centers\\ ​
 +the way we do now?
 +Why didn’t the grown-ups\\ ​
 +play baseball outside with their friends\\ ​
 +instead of watching it inside\\ ​
 +with their bags of potato chips?​\\ ​
 +Didn’t they have any friends?
 +And you, Sam? \\ 
 +We also just do not understand you.
 +Why did you keep doing “AIDS research”?​\\ ​
 +And what was “AIDS” anyway? What was “disease”?​\\ ​
 +Why not retire\\ ​
 +and work full time\\ ​
 +to bring on the revolution sooner,​\\ ​
 +before all the whales had died?
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