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 ===== Instructions ===== ===== Instructions =====
-1. Log in above with the user name and password ​provided.+1. Log in above with your user name and password. ​
-2. Click Sitemap at upper right.+2. To open an existing page, click on the page title in the left-side index (the "​sidebar"​).
-3. Click the page you want to edit.+3. To make changes to the page ("edit"), click the **pencil icon** at the right.
-4. Click the pencil icon at right.+{{pencil-icon.png}}
-5Edit the text and click Preview to review ​your changes, ​then click Save.+4 The editing window opens, where you can make your changes ​or additions to the text. For easy formattingyou may use the icons in the Toolbar above the window. See **Formatting with the Toolbar** below.
-6To create a new pagefirst create its link in an existing page in this format:+5Click **Preview** to review your changesthen click **Save** to finish. (Don't worry - previous versions are preserved and may be accessed or restored by clicking the **clock icon** at right.)
-[[pagename|Page Title]] + 
-</nowiki>+6. To create a new page, click on **Sitemap** at upper right. You will see a list of "page names" (short names used in URLs).  
 +7. Find the page name **sidebar** in the list, and click to open it. Click the pencil icon to edit.  
 +8. Scroll down to where you want the new page to appear and add it using the same format as the preceding entries in the list. In the example here, "​pagename"​ refers to a shorthand name to be used in the URL, and "Page Title" refers to the actual title of the page you are creating. When finished, **Save** the sidebar page. 
 +  ​* ​[[pagename|Page Title]] 
 +9. To finish creating the new page, go to the sidebar on the left and click on the **red** link for the new page. 
 +10. A new window opens with the notice "This topic does not exist yet." To create the page, \\ 
 +click the **pencil icon** at right. 
 +11. A new editing window opens for the new page. Type the Page Title at the top using 5 equal signs on either side as shown, then press Enter twice and begin typing or paste in existing text to create the page. Add a blank line between paragraphs (press Enter twice). Again, click **Preview** to review your work, and **Save** to finish. 
 +===== Title ===== 
 +12. Go [[http://​​doku.php?​id=wiki:​syntax|here]] for more detailed instructions on formatting and coding your pages. 
 +==== Formatting with the Toolbar ==== 
 +Within the edit window, the toolbar helps users formatting their texts without remembering the syntax. 
 +The toolbar buttons work pretty much like the formatting buttons in your favorite word processor. Select a word or phrase and press a button to format the selection. If you click without a selection, a sample text is inserted at the cursor. 
 +**Toolbar Buttons** 
 +Most buttons have shortcuts assigned to them based on the access keys of your browser, usually the accesskeys are: ALT + <Key> or ALT + Shift + <Key> on Windows and CTRL + ⌥ Opt + <Key> on Mac, please refer to the access keys for more details. 
 +Button Key Function 
 + b Bold formatting 
 + i Italic formatting 
 + u Underlined formatting 
 + c Code formatting 
 + d Strike-through formatting 
 + 8 Same level headline 
 + 9 Lower headline 
 + 0 Higher headline 
 + Select headline 
 + 1 Level 1 headline (via '​Select headline'​ button) 
 + 2 Level 2 headline (via '​Select headline'​ button) 
 + 3 Level 3 headline (via '​Select headline'​ button) 
 + 4 Level 4 headline (via '​Select headline'​ button) 
 + 5 Level 5 headline (via '​Select headline'​ button) 
 + l Internal link formatting (launches the Link Wizard) 
 + External link formatting 
 + - Ordered list item 
 + . Unordered list item 
 + Horizontal rule 
 + Media Selection, includes file/​attachment uploader 
 + Smiley picker 
 + Character picker 
 + y Signature (only when logged in)
-Then save the page with the link in it, click on the new page's link, and click the pencil icon. 
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