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 +==== Snippets removed from other pages ====
 +//from [[organization|Politics]] 11/18/18// -
 +[This section improvised on line Oct. 21st meeting]
 +As the label "the left" ceased to have substantive meaning - encompassing everyone from Hillary Clinton to Bob Avakian - a new terminology gradually emerged: [Sam Fassbinder on [[https://​​content/​utopians-vs-conformists-part-two|Utopians vs. Conformists]]] ​
 +//Branch here to 3 scenarios in 2024//: [by **Sam Friedman**]
 +  * The election is annulled, the people revolt
 +  * The social democrats win the election but do their usual thing, and then the people revolt
 +  * The social democrats win and succeed in reforming the economy but run up against the environmental crisis
 +    * Friedman scenario: then the people revolt
 +    * Schwartzmann scenario: solar communism is achieved
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