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These are the three dreams I dreamed. Let other dreamers tell us theirs, and let them take their dreams for possible realities. Recall that what is possible in the present system is more and more unlivable. From that you can conclude that only the impossible is possible. What good is it to refuse to play the Game of the planetary revolution, to refuse to bet on Utopia? One chance out of a hundred is not so bad a bet when we have nothing to lose any more—except the spectacle of a suffering world, made uglier every day by injustice, suffering and stupidity (and for how much longer?) At the same time, we have a beautiful planet to save.

Nothing to lose against an infinity of beauty, justice and love to win—a bet you can’t refuse. Zero against infinity, an exchange that’s favorable indeed.

In any case, we are all on board.

So let’s play. Joyously.


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