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Strengths of the Billions

Number. The Virtual Billions have the advantage of number. Six billion working families against a few thousand Billionaires. “Ye are many; they are few” wrote the poet Shelley 200 years ago. This is a decisive advantage if the Billions can establish a modicum of unity.

Know-how. The Billions have another natural advantage. They know how to do things. They are the folks who plant, harvest, weave, spin, dig for ore, operate machinery, transport people and goods, build and maintain infrastructures, provide personal services. Whenever they become conscious of their power and unite, the Rules give them the right to block economic activity, whether in a single plant, a single locality, a single industry, a single country or around the whole world in an international general strike.

The Right to Revolution. According to the Rules, if the Virtual Millions, after gathering strength by beating the Billionaires in various local contests, achieve the stage of the international general strike, the Program automatically multiplies their strength on the Game-Globe by a factor of ten. This new strength gives the Billions the Right to Revolution. This factor of multiplied strength continues as long as the Billions remain united. If the Billionaires succeed in dividing them, the multiplication factor declines.

The Right to Rule the Game-Globe. After shutting down the productive forces by an international general strike and general rising, the Virtual Billions must, in order to win the Game before 2117, start them up again and begin supplying each other with food, clothing, and everything else necessary for life. Knowledge of the techniques and processes of agriculture, transportation, manufacture and energy production entitles the Billions to reorganise the economy on the basis of cooperation. According to the Rules, once workers are rid of the intrusive interference of nit-picking supervisors and the inertia of bloated management, the power of their cooperative labor multiplies ten-fold. For the first time in the Game, the Rules entitle the Virtual Millions to fulfill their own needs for food, clothing and shelter by their own labor. This new power entitles the Virtual Billions the Right to Rule the Game-Globe.

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